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This is a wholesale store available for all customers
including business owners and regular consumers.

Package Plaza is a local convenience store for packaging materials.
We offer various products from wrapping materials, store and office supplies, to household goods. We are the biggest packaging material wholesale franchise in Japan and run stores across the country from Hokkaido all the way to Okinawa. We are the only store in Edogawa Ward. While our store is quite compact, just 80 ㎡ wide, we have a wide variety of products to help you find what they you are exactly in search of.
Our store is popular among our neighbors, local shopping arcade, nearby preschools and kindergartens and town assembly for local festivals etc. Please feel free to drop by and take a look. Delivery service is also available within the neighborhood.

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Available products

Paper bags

  • General wrapping paper
  • Gift wrapping paper, Gift wrapping set, Imported wrapping paper
  • Japanese paper
Paper bags

Wrapping papers

Service shopping bag (with a handle/no handle)
  • #25 charm bag
  • smooth bag, T-shaped charm bag, fancy bag, fancy bag for gifts
  • small bag with patterns
High-grade shopping bag (with a handle)
  • Shiny bag
  • tote bag, foamy tote bag
  • bright bag
Wrapping papers


Paper box
  • Esprit box
  • Gift box
Vinyl chloride box
  • Crystal box


  • Various organdie ribbon, Various satin ribbon
  • Various metal ribbon, Capital ribbon
  • See-through ribbon, Curled ribbon
  • Taffeta ribbon, Ko pearl ribbon
  • PP pearl ribbon, One-touch ribbon,Various flower ribbon for gifts

Chemical bags

Standardized chemical bags
  • Polyethylene bag (standardized bag), Crystal pack (highly transparent OPP bag), Uni-pack (PE bag with zipper), Hand Hyper (shopping bag), Handy Bag (shopping bag with a handle hole), Colored polyethylene bag (PE handbag with a handle hole), Soft pack (with a string/ultra-thin plastic bag), Pastel bag (decorative plastic bag), Shiny bag (aluminum bag)
Single-purpose chemical bags (with a handle)
  • Garbage bag
  • Condensation-proof pack
  • Plastic bag for umbrella
  • BOPP, towel plastic bag
  • Vegetable bag
  • Plant pot bag
Single-purpose chemical bags

Adhesive/string tapes

  • Fabric tape, Craft paper-backed tape (for overlaying), Multi-purpose double-sided tape, Dispenser for adhesive tape, Vinyl tape, Lift rope
  • PP rope
  • flat tape, Mercer
  • Gold pattern
  • Eight strand plaited rope
  • Hemp rope
  • Paper rope, flat rope
  • Shiny tape
  • Soft tape, Cotton thread
  • Cellulose tape
  • Craft tape
Adhesive/string tapes

Store supplies

  • Number Self (numbering sticker), Self Label
  • Tack label
  • Rolled sticker, Gift sticker
  • Various nameplates, Various presentation cards
  • Various poster papers, Various pins
  • Elastic band
  • Luggage tag
  • Holder, Card stand
  • Partition
  • Cutter, Envelope
  • packing band
  • Automatic packaging machine
  • Package sealer Hole punch
  • Hand labeller, Gun tag-pin set
  • Nameplate
Store supplies

Office supplies/ceremonial products

  • Various office supplies
  • Writing materials
  • Ruler
  • Glue, Folder
  • Envelope
  • Slip
  • Copy paper, FAX paper
  • Offering envelope
  • Gift envelope
  • Special envelope for monetary gifts, Wrapping paper fancy paper
  • Strip
  • Nameplate
  • Towel bag
  • Ceremonial envelope, Mizuhiki (ancient Japanese art form that uses a special cord)
  • Ring gift
  • Wrapping paper Jotoshiki (ridgepole raising ceremony)
  • Betrothal gift set
  • etc.
Office supplies/ceremonial products

Food-related products

  • Plastic wrap
  • Aluminum foil
  • Chopsticks
  • Toothpick, Bamboo skewer
  • Paper dish
  • Aluminum dish
  • Food pack, Aluminum cup
  • Travel cup, Napkin
  • Paper towel, Tempura sheet
  • Lace paper, Other various food containers
Food-related products

Package Plaza Orikuwa

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